Monday, December 19, 2011

more on CZARNY SEN

Pure Grain Audio writes about the record...

and this little tidbit made me smile....
"Chicago-based female-fronted doom machine known as Rabid Rabbit ..."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Records are here!

Buy them at our live shows ( where you can get limited run hand printed tar paper cover ), local record stores, or through BLOODLUST

Monday, October 31, 2011

New Album drops Dec 6 2011

Czarny Sen street release Dec 6, 2011 

Record being released by local label BLOODLUST - one of Chicago's most astute imprints

this is followed by a special appearance as the opening band for
Dec 11 @ Reggie's

Monday, October 3, 2011


video piece by Kelly Reaves

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Burlington Bar soft opening for back room venue!

Thursday Sept 29 9pm Rabid Rabbit and Mystreater

Live music comes to the  Burlington ( from Chicago Reader )

It's impossible to take five steps in Logan Square without running into someone in a band, but there aren't a lot of legal venues that host live music on the regular. The Burlington (3425 W. Fullerton)—where, full disclosure, I DJ occasionally—has only been using about half of its first-floor space since it opened four years ago, and it will give the neighborhood one more stage when it unveils a live room next month. "Basically the bar wanted to be able to have the capabilities of having more live shows and private parties and dance parties," says Greg Dandino, who co-owns the Burlington with his brother Chris. "So we sort of tweaked what we already had." The biggest tweak is the installation of a PA system designed by local audio engineer Tony Lazzara, who plays guitar in Bloodiest. Dandino stresses that the Burlington will be far from another Bottle, though—the room and the bookings are much more modest. Shows are tentatively scheduled to start the first weekend in October, and will include avant-garde metal outfit Rabid Rabbit, scruffy indie rockers Darling, and maybe a country hoedown.—MR 

plus some fabulous pictures from chris roo

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Three Beats (Chicago Reader) by Philip Montoro

METAL | Rabid Rabbit levels up on a forthcoming full-length
Last week local doom band Rabid Rabbit finished mastering Czarny Sen ("Black Dream" in Polish), their second full-length and first since Arriver guitarist Dan Sullivan came aboard in fall 2009. He joins Arman Mabry (bass), Mike Tsoulos (drums), and front woman Andrea Jablonski (bass, vocals), who calls this Rabid Rabbit's "first 'mature' recording." The lineup has jelled so that everyone contributes to the writing process, she says. "A lot of it is practiced improv, if there is such a thing—we fell out of any specific genre."
Czarny Sen consists of four long cuts tracked and mixed with Sanford Parker at Engine over the past few months, plus the previously released 2009 recording "Suicide Song," with guest appearances by Bruce Lamont of Yakuza, Mark Solotroff of Bloodyminded, and two top-shelf improvisers—saxophonist Dave Rempis and percussionist Michael Zerang. Rempis is practically a regular member now, and plays what Jablonski describes as "Lost Boys-like sax" on "Raven."
She also calls Czarny Sen "the feel-bad record of the winter," and "Eclipse" shows why: it's like a reflection in dark, unquiet water, and Jablonski's incantatory Polish vocals help create an unease that crystallizes into refracted bolts of dissonant guitar. The album, which should come out around Halloween on Solotroff's Bloodlust! label, also includes a dirgelike, minor-key cover of "Land of the Glass Pinecones" by late-70s Boston band Human Sexual Response. Rabid Rabbit's next show is Wed 8/31 at 10 PM at Beauty Bar, with openers Alma Negra (who also open for Mr. Rudy Day at the Hideout Sat 8/13). It's free, and there's free pizza from Pie-Eyed. 


Sunday, July 24, 2011

A first...

With less than two weeks to go I just had a customer puke on my
records!  And he hit a Rabid Rabbit record.  Plus he's a fan of The
Hammicks. ( he wonder how anyone would sell a copy of their LP).
He's a friend from when I had the store in Hyde Park so I can't be
that upset.  Plus he's still in store buying records.

Hard Boiled Records
2010 W.  Roscoe
Chicago IL 60618
Tue - Fri 12-8
Sat, Sun 12-6

Saturday, July 9, 2011

every Wednesday at Rodan Restaurant and Lounge
1530 N. Milwaukee Ave.
heavy music: space-rock, fuzz, psych, acid-boogie, proto-metal, doom. From the obscure to the classics.

7/13 Rabid Rabbit
with special video from Mark F of Hardboiled Records Chicago

$2 Berghoff Drafts!
$10 Togarashi Burger + a pint!

curated by Velcro Lewis

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Record Store Day

The lovely folks at SAKI are doing this
we are playing in store at 5pm

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rabid Rabbit will be going into the studio in March to record with Chicago's "Master of Metal" Sanford Parker at Engine Studios. We're really looking forward to recording, not only with Sanford, but to also in Engines "way above decent" studios and on their "not to shabby" recording consoles and with their equally "badass" microphone selection.